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Drawseinberg, because he Is the one who knocks. #SayMyName

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Michael Scott in The Office S02E02: Sexual Harrassment 

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The Office S05E08 Frame Toby

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El intento fallido de corte de queque. 🍰 (at Fiesta de Maria Luisa)

The border between USA and Mexico. 🗾
Modelo: Carlos Morales (at Colegio Tecnico Profesional De Santo Domingo)

Ahora sí 😅😅 (at Colegio Tecnico Profesional De Santo Domingo)

I am the one who knocks.
- Walter White

Pequeña al menos. Como costó. 😅 (at Iglesia Santa Rosa de Lima)

I can’t handle all this innovation.

I, just, can’t. #srcsm

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"You play the operating system, we never see you physically."


Foxcatcher went into production outside Pittsburgh in September 2012—a full five years after Miller had once hoped cameras would roll—and filming continued well into the bleak and punishing winter. Miller arrived with a fourth writer, Kristin Gore, and three massive notebooks that he’d filled with every writer’s iteration of every sequence. Although the style of Foxcatcher is precise and restrained, he was eager to reshape scenes on the spot, often leading the cast through improvisatory exercises before the cameras rolled. “I guess it’s closer to what Mike Leigh does than to Aaron Sorkin,” he says of his approach. “I like going into a scene knowing that the script isn’t quite finished, that there’s something that isn’t really going to reveal itself until something spontaneously occurs.”

Love this piece on the making of Foxcatcher from Vulture. Read the whole article HERE.

G e n i u s. (at Dunder Mifflin)

Probando el extraño e imposible de usar “Blur Effect”. 📷 (at Residencial Maria Fernanda)